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  • Building permit applications must be submitted to the TCPA office in person or via postal mail, email or fax.
  • Permit packets may be downloaded via the links below. Each packet will include a list of the items that need to be included with the application.
  • Once your building permit has been issued by the Building Inspector you’ll receive a call that your permit is ready for pickup.
  • All permits must be paid in full on pickup and we accept cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards and we do not invoice.


  • If you have more than 10-acres of tillable land you may qualify for an Ag Exemption certificate if you want to build an ag-related building. Download the application and waiver below.
  • If you are a homeowner – and not a licensed contractor – and you are pulling a building permit, you’ll need to complete the Self-Waiver form. Download the form below.


  • Flat fee permits are available for projects like replacing your siding or roofing or windows and doors. You also only need a flat fee permit for a new furnace, water heater air conditioner or fireplace. Download the applications below.
  • Flat fee permit applications must be pre-paid with cash or a check for $93.00.


  • Septic permits are issued by GGG Engineering in Chatfield, Minnesota. Submit septic designs and applications to GGG.
  • New home constructions permits cannot be issued without a septic permit.
  • Home addition projects that add bedrooms require a septic compliance check.


  • If you are looking to subdivide a parcel of land you will most likely need to go through the metes and bounds process. Download and complete the application and call TCPA Staff at 507-529-0774 with any questions.
  • Conditional Use Permits, Variances and Rezone applications all require public hearings and notification of neighboring property owners. You can download the application(s) here but you’ll want to call TCPA Staff at 507-529-0774 before applying.