to subdivide or split-off a parcel of land

Subdividing Land – Practical Application

In the Townships, when we talk about subdividing land via metes & bounds, we’re typically talking about agricultural land and splitting one smaller parcel from one larger parcel of land. We’re not typically talking about creating a platted subdivision.

Metes & Bounds are the boundary lines of land, with their terminal points and angles. It’s simply a way of describing land by listing the compass directions and distances of the boundaries; as opposed to Lots and Blocks as you have in a platted subdivision.


Farms and Non-Farms

The Township ordinance(s) regulate splitting parcels of land based on the zoning of the land and the size of the parcel to be subdivided or split off. With regard to the size of the parcels there are farm size parcels and non-farm size parcels. The definitions for farm and non-farm size parcels have nothing to do with whether or not the land is actually farmed.

As example, a farm size parcel in the A-1; Agricultural Protection District is generally 80-acres or more in size. A non-farm in the A-1 District is any parcel smaller than 80-acres. What is considered a farm size parcel and a non-farm size parcel depends on the Township and the zoning district.


Application and Approval

If you want to split a parcel of land your first step is to call the TCPA office and ask Staff to check the parcel to see if it can be split. You would be cautioned not to spend money having the property surveyed before checking with TCPA Staff to see if what you want to do is allowed by ordinance. If the parcel in question can be subdivided or split, then you need to apply for a metes and bounds subdivision which includes an application form and a fee. Staff then writes a report and sends it to the Town Board. Staff will also present that report at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting of your respective Township.


How Do I Apply for Metes & Bounds?

When you click the button below you’ll have access to an editable form you’ll use to apply for your metes and bounds subdivision. You can either fill in the form on-line and email or mail it; or you can print it off and fill it in by hand. Your application will not be considered complete until the TCPA office is in receipt of your completed application and the required fee.

Please don’t hestiate to contact our office if you have questions.