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There are numerous steps involved in the creation of a new platted subdivision within the Township.

First the applicant/owner must present a GDP or General Development Plan which is a summary of his intentions for the development of the property. That GDP leads the way for the rezoning of the property to a zoning district that allows platted subdivisions. Once the GDP and Rezone are approved the owner/applicant applies for a preliminary plat and then a final plat. Each of these steps requires different applications and a separate review process, public hearings, etc…

On this page, you will find links to all of the documents involved in this subdivision platting process as they become available.

EAW Documents

EAW Reviewer Comments

GDP and Rezone Documents

GDP and Rezone Reviewer Comments

Preliminary Plat Documents

Preliminary Plat Reviewer Comments

Final Plat Documents

Final Plat Reviewer Comments