Access to documents relating to the proposed sand mine



There are numerous steps involved in the permitting of a sand mine.

Sand mines are only allowed within specific zoning districts that allow for the mining of sand. Those districts may be Ag/Resource or Ag/Resource Commercial Aggregate Extraction and Reuse, or a Special District created for that specific purpose; much depends on the Townships and their individual ordinances. 

If the proposed location for the sand mine is not already properly zoned, the applicant must apply for a zone change that requires a review process and a public hearing in front of the Township Planning Commission. The Planning Commission then makes a recommendation to the Township Board and the Board then makes the final decision whether or not to rezone the property. There is not a public hearing at the Board level.

If the applicant is successful in having the property rezoned they must then apply for a Conditional or Interim Use Permit to actually begin mining sand. The Conditional or Interim use permit application must also go through a review process and a public hearing before the Township Planning Commission. It is at this meeting that the Planning Commission, working with the applicant and the public, may place conditions on the operation of the sand mine to help mitigate any potential concerns brought up during the public hearing. The Planning Commission makes the final decision on the Condition or Interim Use Permit. It does not go before the Township Board.

On this page, you will find links to all of the documents involved in this process as they become available.